Delivering Art Now through Children's Education

An exciting outreach program created by SEADAC to educate young students in the arts-with emphasis on dance.

In coordination with the Dothan City School System, both the Artistic Director and Assistant Artistic Director for SEADAC visit all 4th grade classes to speak about the upcoming performances on schedule for the year.

The students are introduced to the many elements that it takes to put together these productions such as music, costumes, and the time the dancers have to prepare for each production. Students also have the opportunity to learn some of the choreography from the upcoming shows.

The SEADAC staff builds on this outreach by providing dance classes free of charge for under-served members of the community once a week at the Cultural Arts Center to expand the understanding of and exposure to the art of dance. Without the D.A.N.C.E. program, most of these students may never have the opportunity to be exposed to the arts.

SEADAC presents performances and lecture demonstrations to schools and community groups. Currently, SEADAC is collaborating with the Dothan City School system to provide Delivering Art Now in Children's Education (D.A.N.C.E.), an outreach program for all 4th grade classes. Approximately three thousand students each year benefit from our "hands on" classroom education and by their attendance at our specially created school performances at the Dothan Civic Center. Scholarship opportunities and on-going dance classes at the Dothan Cultural Arts Center are also provided to underserved children in the community and for promising dancers in financial need. In addition, SEADAC annually awards over $20,000 in scholarships to dancers that are in financial need and to outstanding company dancers to further their dance education.


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