Scholarships Awarded

Jamie Shertzer Scholarship ($2,000)

The Jamie Shertzer Scholarship is awarded annually through an audition and interview process for serious dancers that demonstrate financial need. It also provides recipients the opportunity to broaden and enhance their dance training.

Company Scholarship ($3,000)

SEADAC provides an annual scholarship to every dancer that has achieved membership in the company to attend the Southeast Regional Ballet Association (SERBA) annual festival where the dancers perform and take classes

while the directors and board members share ideas and network.

Merit Scholarship ($1,000)

SEADAC awards one scholarship annually to one talented dancer that has exhibited continued improvement and outstanding performance in dance. The recipient is chosen through an audition process for two impartial judges. The award is to be used for more extensive outside training to elevate the recipient's dance education.

Cultural Arts Center Scholarships ($5,000)

SEADAC awards scholarships to underserved children participating in the Cultural Arts Center summer programs. Each year students are invited to attend summer dance camps sponsored by the Southeast Alabama Dance Company. These students are given the opportunity to learn dance techniques from professional dancers, choreographers and teachers. Participants learn much more than just dance...they learn to keep dreaming and reach for the stars.

2008 SEADAC Scholarship Winners.

Pictured are Samaria Barnes (2008 Jamie Shertzer Scholarship recipient) and Jamie Shertzer.

Tiffany Swan, SEADAC Asst. Artistic Director, presents summer dance camp scholarship to CAC receipient, Holly.

Southeast Alabama Dance Company

The Southeast Alabama Dance Company is an organization consisting of approximately 30 serious dancers who study and perform a diverse repertoire of dance. Dancers in the company are selected annually through a strict audition process. The company presents three local productions each year. These include a holiday season performance of The Nutcracker sometimes accompanied by a live orchestra, a spring production and an annual summer production that is offered free to the public.


Mission Statement of Southeast Alabama Dance Company

To provide production opportunities and formal training to serious dance students, primarily in classical ballet.

To educate our community about dance by presenting professional productions and lecture demonstrations to schools, community organizations and the general public.

To enrich the lives of the Southeast area by exposing our audiences to a diverse repertoire of choreographers, dancers and guest artists.


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